What Is A Synthetic Growth Hormone


Is there really anything magical to increasing the levels of HGH your body produces?

The truth here is that the process is not one rooted in magic. Rather, is rooted in science as evidenced by the release of legitimate means of harnessing synthetic growth hormones.

While there are those that would prefer never to touch the synthetic form of growth hormones, others find access to them very helpful. This is why the subject of synthetic growth hormones deserves a closer look.


What are Synthetic Growth Hormones

As the name implies, a synthetic growth hormone is one that is produced in a laboratory. It is not an organic growth hormone that can be found naturally in a human (or animal) organism.

Rather, it has been engineered and is commonly administered to human beings via injections. These injections are available by prescription and are commonly administered as a treatment for various serious medical problems.


The Issue of HGH Deficiency

There are a tremendous amount of benefits gained when the human body is able to maintain proper levels of HGH production. Unfortunately, this is not always possible as a person ages. Simply put, when you get older, the metabolic function of the human body is not what it once was.

A common side effect of such aging would be the slow reduction of HGH production. While you might not be completely aware of what HGH does in the human body when it is there, you will certainly notice its effects when it is gone.

Namely, you will have a much harder time recuperating from injuries, maintaining lean muscle mass, being mentally sharp, sleeping better, feeling energetic, losing weight, and even maintaining proper sexual performance.


Prescribing Injectable HGH

This is why many doctors have prescribed synthetic growth hormone injections to older patients that have experienced the ravages of lowered HGH production. Prescriptions have also been commonly – and sometimes dubiously — provided to bodybuilders for the purpose of stimulating muscle growth and fat loss.

Both amateur and professional bodybuilders have much to gain if their muscle mass is increased and their body fat levels are lowered. Namely, they might find themselves better primed to win contest after contest. As such, they have a long history with the use of synthetic growth hormone injections.

The “average person” might not be all that willing to embrace such an approach. Some that would prefer to get into better shape may have a vested interest in purchasing bodybuilding and weight loss supplements.

However, they might want to also draw the proverbial line at having to inject any substances into their system. An aversion to doing so is understandable. Injecting needles into the skin is not exactly the most appealing process to take part in.

This raises a question – Does an alternative to injecting a synthetic growth hormone exist? The answer is yes.


The Natural Alternative

Not everyone will be fond of following a synthetic growth hormone treatment. Rather, they would be more interested in a more all natural method. In particular, those interested in the more natural products are advised to look into purchasing HGH releasers.

These releasers are commonly available in pill, liquid, and spray form. As most have likely surmised, the reason these products are called natural as opposed to synthetic growth hormones is that they are made from all natural herbs and ingredients.

Once these ingredients are absorbed by the system, the body will harmoniously release growth hormones. For those that might not be very thrilled with the amount of HGH they are naturally producing, a natural supplement that works in harmony with the human body can be considered a tremendous help for those hoping to experience improvements in their HGH levels.

Ultimately, the choice of whether or not to employ a natural or synthetic growth hormone will be up to the individual consumer. Generally, consumers are advised to pick the method that would be most comfortable for them since this would be the wisest approach to follow.

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